ASSHH 2018




We encourage submissions on the following topics:

  • Innovations and disparities in HIV education, prevention and care from social science and humanities perspectives
  • The social science of combination HIV prevention
  • The social science of implementation and translational research
  • Community-based and participatory HIV social research
  • Theorising and analysing relations between the social sciences, humanities and biomedicine in HIV/AIDS
  • Models of sustaining social science and humanities research on HIV/AIDS
  • Contemporary social science and humanities research on HIV/AIDS

Abstract submissions closed

Submission guidelines

All abstracts must be written in English.

Abstracts should include: a Title (maximum 20 words), authors (surname, initials), author affiliations and a clear description of the research to be presented (we suggest you use the Background/Methods/Results/Conclusions format).

The maximum word length for abstracts is 350 words.

Abstracts submitted to the AIDS 2018 conference may be considered for the AIDS 2018 pre-conference, after abstract reviewing is complete.  You may also choose to submit your AIDS 2018 abstract directly to us, using the link below. We will resolve any duplicated presentations with AIDS 2018 at the programme building stage.

All abstracts will be peer reviewed and scored. Abstracts are more likely to be considered for inclusion in the programme if they:

  • Clearly state the problem or issue that is being addressed, the social science/humanities approach employed and why this matters for HIV prevention or care (Background)
  • Specify the research questions, methods and analytical approach that were used, and the participant population or sample and the context of the research (where and when it took place, if applicable) (Methods)
  • Clearly describe the results or outcomes of the analyses e.g. show that the analysis or research has been completed, with examples and appropriate detail (who took part, what was found, show details of the research findings that answer the research questions) (Results)
  • Summarise the implications of the analysis for HIV research, policy or practice (Conclusions)

Proposals for Symposia or Panels

The organisers welcome proposals for symposia or panels. Sessions are expected to be 90 minutes long. Please prepare a title and session description, explaining who will run it (chairpersons), the purpose of the session, its topic and what delegates will gain from attending the session (maximum 350 words). If the session involves a set of presentations (we recommend no more than four), please also prepare abstracts for each presentation, following the abstract guidelines given above e.g. maximum 350 words. If you are proposing a panel discussion, explain who will participate and the topic of debate. Compile all the session information in a Word document and submit to by the abstract deadline.